Career Exploration Sessions
(Pre-Open House)


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Career Exploration Sessions
(Pre-Open House)


These in-person and virtual sessions are perfect if you aren’t sure what career would be a good fit for you. We can provide you with the tools and the guidance to help narrow it down.

Then, attend Open House and get details on a specific career area.

  • Virtual sessions available: Sept 15, Sept 23 or Oct 4
  • Appleton Campus session available: Sept 24, Sept 27, Sept 29 or Oct 2
  • One-on-One sessions are also available. Call 920-735-5696 or email: Career Counseling.

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Where people turn for high-tech occupational training for the workplace of today, to put their career on the fast track.

Rapidly changing technology connects us now more than ever. It makes our world smaller yet more complex, and offers students the tools to succeed in today’s job market. Fox Valley Technical College helps you succeed in today’s ever-changing world. As industry and technology change, our employer partnerships become even more valuable to students. In every corner of our campus, from robotics to human patient simulators, learning labs are at work preparing you for the real world.

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